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Your First Visit at Red Rock Chiropractic Center

At Red Rock Chiropractic Center, we value your time and trust. Your first visit with us, a pivotal step in your wellness journey, is designed to be comprehensive and enlightening, typically taking around 60 minutes. We begin by reviewing your medical history, which forms a crucial part of understanding your health landscape. Following this, we conduct a thorough examination to get a full picture of your current condition.

But the journey doesn't end there. Our team takes the time to walk you through the results of your exam, ensuring you understand the findings and how they inform your personalized treatment plan. We believe in a collaborative approach to care, encouraging you to voice any questions or concerns at any point in the process. This initial visit sets the stage for open communication and shared decision-making, as we partner together towards your optimal health.

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Essential Items to Bring for Your Initial Visit at
Red Rock Chiropractic Center

As you embark on your healing journey with us, we want to ensure that your first visit is as seamless and productive as possible. Here's a handy checklist of items to bring along:

  • Insurance Cards

    It's necessary to have these on hand so we can determine your coverage and any potential out-of-pocket costs.

  • List of Current Medications:

    This helps us understand your health background better and avoid any potential drug interactions with our treatment plan.

  • Radiology Reports:

    If you have had any previous imaging done like X-rays or MRI scans, these reports can give us valuable insights into your condition.

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New Patient Paperwork

To streamline your visit and reduce waiting time, we also recommend completing the new patient paperwork online ahead of time. This allows us to get a head start on understanding your health history and present concerns. If you're unable to fill it out online, please call us and we'll be happy to send you a paper copy to complete prior to your appointment.

Remember, at Red Rock Chiropractic Center, we're committed to making your wellness journey as smooth and beneficial as possible. We look forward to welcoming you!

*If you would like to visit our clinic as a new functional medicine patient, please call us for details.

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