Peripheral neuropathy is a common condition caused by diabetes, nutrient deficiencies, heavy metal toxicity or other unknown issues. Symptoms include pain, tingling, burning and numbness, usually in the feet and sometimes hands. As the condition progresses, it can spread up the legs into the calf or even thighs. It is a challenging condition, but can be helped with the right approach. The longer the condition has been present the more challenging it is and longer it will take to achieve improvement. Dr. Kyle has spent a great deal of time studying neuropathy to find a protocol that will work for most patients. Medical doctors have only a couple of medication options to treat neuropathy symptoms, but the meds do nothing to actually heal or fix the problem.

The best treatment available today is laser or light therapy. Research shows this treatment stimulates healing in damaged nerves, encourages improved circulation, and reduces pain and inflammation. The procedure is totally painless and has no side effects. The recommended treatment plan is 24 sessions over a three-month period. A typical laser session will last about 20-30 minutes and may be accompanied by 10 minutes of a stimulating foot massager to bring about blood flow before the laser is applied.

Another therapy showing great promise is electroanalgesia. This advanced therapy uses electrical stimulation to simultaneously block pain signals and stimulate healing in nerves. A typical treatment session lasts about 20-30 minutes and is performed the same day as the laser treatments. Electroanalgesia is different from a TENS unit or other electric stimulation devices used in chiropractic or physical therapy clinics in that it can produce up to 10,000 pulses per second of Hertz vs. only 1-150 pulses per second. Electroanalgesia has the ability to produce a more profound pain relief and stimulated healing effect for nerves.

There is one key nutritional supplement that has been shown in studies to help heal damaged nerves. This is an essential part of your neuropathy program to help heal the nerves from within and increase blood flow to the nerves. You will take this supplement for a minimum of 3 months during your program and may wish to continue taking it after to maintain your progress.

  • Nerve Renew contains the most powerful and clinically proven forms of B vitamins, Stabilized R Alpha Lipoic Acid, anti-oxidants and herbal extracts. All the ingredients have been clinically proven to reduce neuropathy pain and discomfort.

Most of our neuropathy patients have foot pain which can be caused by the local nerves of the foot being pinched because of fallen arches. For this reason our neuropathy program patients are prescribed custom orthotics from Foot Levelers. These can help alleviate foot pain by properly supporting the arches and decreasing pressure on the nerves of the feet. We also prescribe an at-home tool called a FootWheel to release tight and tender points in the arches.

Finally, some patients may need chiropractic adjustments to assess the lower back, which is where the nerves that run down your legs start. If it is determined during your examination that misalignments in your lower back may be contributing to your neuropathy, chiropractic adjustments will be added to your program. We use one of the best researched chiropractic adjustment methods called Cox technique which is gentle and effective in reducing pressure on the nerves in your lower back.

This combination of laser or light therapy, electroanalgesia, chiropractic adjustments, foot massage, proper supplements, Foot Levelers orthotics and a FootWheel tool can be expected to reduce neuropathy symptoms by 50% or more in three months or less in 90% of patients. This is a scientifically sound treatment program. It will take some time, patience, persistence and out-of-pocket expense, but this is a promising approach to achieve your desired relief. Red Rock Chiropractic Center is the only clinic in the area to offer such a comprehensive approach.

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