Patient Testimonials

Gloria, Walks Up & Down Steps with Less Knee Pain after MLS Laser Therapy (Audio)

Jane, Fewer Migraine Headaches with Functional Medicine & Chiropractic Adjustments (Audio)

John, 90-95% Less Knee Pain with MLS Laser Therapy (Audio)

Pat, Eliminated Radiating Leg Symptoms & Reduced Low Back Pain with Cox Technique & MLS Laser Therapy (Audio)

“I am so much better and not taking any medication any more. My wife suggested I come in for my vertigo dizziness symptoms. My medical doctor had given me some medication which did somewhat control the dizziness, but made me very tired. After visiting Red Rock Chiropractic Center, my dizziness completely stopped and I have more energy.” – BE

“My 5-year-old daughter was having problems with her plugged sinuses for at least six months. She was unable to breath through her nose at all, snored loudly, had a lot of drainage from her nose and her breathing was very labored. Her medical doctor suggested she have her tonsils and adenoids removed and that she take Claritin daily. We decided not to pursue the surgery since she had never had any illnesses related to her tonsils and adenoids, and the Claritin did not work well. After visiting Red Rock Chiropractic Center, she now breathes easily, has no snoring and has not even needed her allergy medication in two weeks.” – BW

“The doctor and his staff are just great! Friendly and very honest with me! A friend referred me to Red Rock Chiropractic Center for my back issues I’d had for several years. I had previously seen a medical doctor and another chiropractor but nothing seemed to work. Dr. Kyle was able to help relieve my back pain without any medication. I have had a lot less severe flare-ups since going to RRCC.” – GH

After reading an e-mail from Red Rock Chiropractic Center about the ALCAT test, I decided to try it. I had been diagnosed with a gluten allergy years ago and wanted to see if I had sensitivities to any other foods or chemicals. The ALCAT test made me aware of what foods to avoid or rotate in and out of my diet so I could feel my best. I enjoy the friendly atmosphere at RRCC and would recommend the ALCAT test because you never know what sensitivities you may have.” – MB