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Experience Rapid Pain Relief and Revitalized Mobility with Back On Trac & Cervi-Trac in Lamberton, MN

Are you struggling with chronic back pain, herniated discs or sciatica? These debilitating conditions can significantly hamper your daily activities and overall quality of life. At Red Rock Chiropractic Center in Lamberton, MN, we understand the importance of finding an effective solution to these persistent problems. Don't let chronic pain dictate your life. Schedule an appointment today to start your journey towards a pain-free life.

Bac On Trac

Is Chronic Neck or Back Pain Limiting Your Daily Life?

People in need of Back On Trac or Cervi-Trac typically grapple with chronic back pain, cervical pain, herniated discs, and sciatica, which drastically limit your mobility and daily functionality. These conditions often lead to sleep disturbances and emotional distress, further impacting your overall well-being. Despite trying various treatments, lasting relief often eludes you, causing skepticism about treatment effectiveness and concerns about cost, personalized care, and awareness of advanced options. Addressing these issues is essential for improving your quality of life.

Back On Trac and Cervi-Trac

At Red Rock Chiropractic Center, we use the Back On Trac and Cervi-Trac system from Ergo-Flex Technologies to apply gentle traction therapy to the low back and neck. This specialized table relieves pressure on the nerves and gently stretches the muscles in the back, neck, hips and thighs. It is great for patients with sciatica or pinched nerves in their neck. It also uses vibration massage and heat to provide additional comfort and pain relief.

The benefits of our services are numerous, from reduced pain and discomfort to improved posture, enhanced spinal alignment, and increased range of motion. These treatments have a proven success rate, with many clients reporting significant pain reduction and improved functionality.

Experience the benefits of our Back On Trac and Cervi-Trac treatments today, and take the first step towards a better, pain-free life.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Back On Trac & Cervi-Trac

These devices use computer-controlled traction to gently stretch the spine,  aiding in pain relief and improved mobility.

The procedure is generally painless and comfortable. Patients may experience a gentle stretching sensation, but it does not cause significant discomfort.

These treatments can effectively address chronic back and neck pain, sciatica and pinched nerves. However, a complete evaluation is necessary to determine individual suitability.

These procedures can  alleviate pain, improve mobility and enhance overall spinal function. They can relieve pressure on pinched nerves and make daily activities easier to perform with less pain.

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