Custom orthotics address foot, knee and low back pain

Did you know flat feet carry an increased chance of having plantar fasciitis (heel pain), knee pain and low back pain? These are three of the most common conditions we see day to day in clinical practice. The feet are the body’s foundation. When the arches begin to lose height it can have a negative impact not just on the feet, but on areas above as well.

This is one of the reasons why we recommend custom orthotics to many of our patients. We don’t want to just treat the symptoms of foot, knee or low back pain but also the root cause. Many times that root cause is the arches of the feet have flattened or lost height over time.

We determine this by doing a digital foot scan or visual observation of the foot posture. There are noticeable signs that point to flat feet or what is sometimes called foot pronation. Digital foot scanning technology has become quite advanced and is accurate to minute amounts as small as a single strand of hair. Therefore, a digital foot scan can capture a very accurate impression of things like the overall arch height and weight distribution from side to side. This information can then be transmitted to a laboratory where technicians can do detailed measurements of each foot to build a very precise correction for each foot.

Custom orthotics have a 91% satisfaction rate and have a high rate of success in helping treat things like foot, knee and back pain. If you have pain in one of these areas and haven’t tried custom orthotics you are likely missing out on a potential root cause or at least partial contributor to your pain. It only takes a couple of minutes to get a foot scan and orthotics can make a real difference in getting some much needed relief.