Do you have a hidden food sensitivity?

Did you know hidden food sensitivities could be the cause of your chronic pain and inflammation? In our last two e-mails we discussed foods that tend to increase inflammation and those that tend to reduce it. If you want to learn more about this in detail, read the book “The Deflame Diet” by Dr. David Seaman. So, what if you eat an anti-inflammatory diet but are still inflamed and in pain? This would be the time to think about doing some specific food sensitivity testing.

In our clinic we do a test called Food Safe 190. It tests up to 190 different foods and objectively shows which foods are safe and which foods cause moderate or high reactions. It is surprising to many patients that sometimes foods that are considered healthy and maybe even anti-inflammatory for them are not. They have hidden food sensitivities that are causing the inflammation and many times contributing to or causing the chronic pain.

In our next installment I will outline the case of a recent patient with chronic pain whose life and pain was dramatically improved by following an anti-inflammatory diet and doing a Food Safe 190 test.