3 Patient Testimonials of Decompression that WORKS

Did you know the low back and neck are the two most common areas of the body where people develop chronic pain? We wanted to share a few of our recent chronic pain patient cases and how they are responding positively to our spinal decompression program.

Patient #1: This 73-year-old female had chronic 5/10 pain level neck pain and headaches. She has had headaches most of her life and neck pain for several years. On a neck disability index she scored 34% disability because of her chronic pain. X-rays revealed moderate degenerative disc disease at the lowest two levels of her cervical spine. She is now nearly done with her decompression program and her neck symptoms are down to 1/10 pain level. Her neck disability score is 2%, the intensity of her headaches has lessened, and she feels overall at least 70% improved. This was a patient who had fairly extensive chiropractic treatment elsewhere, but came to us seeking a different treatment approach. We are the only clinic in our immediate area to offer a comprehensive spinal decompression program.

Patient #2: This 84-year-old female has a history of three low back surgeries. Even after she still suffered from low back pain and relied on steroid shots into her spine every few months to control her pain. Her last shot, however, did not provide any relief. A low back MRI showed a bulging disc at the level above her past surgeries and also one level at her spine that had spinal stenosis. Her pain level at the start of decompression was 8/10 with a 44% disability on a back index questionnaire. She is about halfway through her program now and her pain level is down to 1/10 and her disability score is down to 32%. This is excellent progress for a very challenging spinal condition, to say the least.

Patient #3: This 52-year-old female has chronic neck pain, headaches and low back pain. She had chiropractic treatment and physical therapy in the past which provided some temporary relief. Her low back pain level was 5/10 and neck pain level was 2/10. A low back MRI showed a bulging disc, facet joint arthritis, a condition called spondylolisthesis, and a degenerated disc. In the neck she had one level of moderate disc degeneration. She is about 75% of the way through her spinal decompression program and her low back pain level is down to 2-3/10 and her neck pain level is down to 1/10. Her headaches have gone from 1-3 per week down to sometimes having none. She is well on her way to an overall great outcome with our spinal decompression program.

What about you? Are you living with neck or back pain and looking for answers? Our comprehensive spinal decompression program is designed to provide a solution and great relief for some of the most challenging cases of neck and back pain. Visit our website, www.redrockchiro.com, and check out all the drop down options under the decompression tab for more information. We are here to help!