Conservative carpal tunnel treatment first with laser therapy

Did you know laser therapy can be an effective treatment option for carpal tunnel syndrome? A recent study showed high intensity laser therapy in addition to conventional conservative treatment is an effective and noninvasive method for minimal, mild and moderate carpal tunnel syndrome.

As stated in our last e-mail, surgery should be the last resort for carpal tunnel syndrome. It is reserved for cases that are severe or nonresponsive to conservative treatment. Conservative treatment should always be done first. Shockwave therapy, which we discussed in our last e-mail, and laser therapy are two very viable treatment options.

High intensity laser therapy is used to describe class IV laser therapy. This simply means it is more powerful and penetrates deeper than what is called low level laser therapy. Class IV laser therapy can produce better results than weaker lasers because of this deeper penetration.

Laser therapy is painless. It helps to reduce pain, decrease inflammation and, most importantly, it helps to stimulate healing. Some studies show it can help improve nerve conduction.

If you are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome laser therapy may be the answer you are looking for. A typical case will involve a package of 6 or 12 sessions. This may be combined with wearing a carpal tunnel brace, performing nerve flossing exercises and/or taking a nerve support supplement. Exhaust all the good conservative options first. If this fails, then surgery may be needed in some cases. Thankfully, most people can get good relief without surgery.