Vitamin B6 deficiency linked to carpal tunnel syndrome

Did you know carpal tunnel syndrome can be related to a vitamin deficiency? Research shows vitamin B6 deficiency is found at a high rate in patients with this condition. When we treat patients with carpal tunnel syndrome, we usually prescribe patients a supplement called Nerve Renew. It contains vitamin B6, as well as several other key nutrients that have been shown in studies to help heal nerve damage.

Another treatment we commonly use in this condition is called Graston technique. It utilizes specially-designed tools to loosen restrictions and adhesions at the wrist and elbow area where the nerve involved with this condition travels through. Studies show it can help improve nerve conduction, wrist strength and wrist motion. When combined with our deep tissue robotic laser therapy this is a powerful one-two punch.

Finally, we prescribe at-home therapy. This consists of median nerve gliding exercises to help free up the pinched nerve. We also use a simple rehab tool called a Handmaster to help build up grip strength as many times this is diminished from the effects of carpal tunnel syndrome. With a comprehensive approach of Nerve Renew, Graston technique, deep tissue robotic laser therapy and at-home rehab exercises, most cases of carpal tunnel syndrome can respond positively. Check out to learn more about this very effective treatment option.