Neck pain, disc issues or dizziness? Think decompression.

Did you know after low back pain the second most common condition we treat in clinical practice is neck pain? Many symptoms can arise from the cervical spine including neck pain, chronic headaches, shoulder pain, arm pain and sometimes dizziness. Some of the same things that can go wrong in the lower back to cause pain can also happen in the neck.

These include bulging, herniated or degenerated discs, facet syndrome/arthrosis and spinal stenosis. It is one thing to have a stiff and sore neck for a few days. It is another thing altogether to have chronic pain for months or years on end. The simple stiff or sore neck can be treated with heat/ice, massage therapy, chiropractic adjustments and over-the-counter medication, and most will get better.

Patients with chronic pain need a comprehensive and more specialized approach. This is why Dr. Kyle developed our spinal decompression program. We have an 89% success rate in helping some of the most difficult to treat cases of chronic neck pain. We are the only clinic in our area to offer such a comprehensive approach.

A recent patient of ours had chronic neck pain with sharp pain radiating into the back of the head, to the ear and also associated headaches for two years. The pain was consistently rated at 5 out of 10, and could get up to a 7 out of 10 at times. She had seen a neurologist who gave her an injection into the neck which did not help. She was treated with our spinal decompression program and her pain is now 1-2 out of 10 and all of the head and ear pain and headaches have completely gone away.

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