Losing disc height? Relieve pain with spinal decompression.

Did you know spinal decompression therapy can actually increase disc height? As we age, we all tend to shrink. The main reason for this is the discs in our spine lose water content. We call this disc degeneration. For some people the degeneration becomes advanced enough that it starts to compromise the space between the vertebra where the delicate nerves exit. 

When this happens, it can create painful nerve compression. The other thing that can happen sometimes is the disc not only degenerates but also can bulge or herniate out. When this happens, it can pinch nerves and cause considerable back and sometimes leg pain. We call this sciatica.

One of the best treatment options for this is spinal decompression therapy. It has been shown in studies to be able to increase disc height by 1-2mm. That may not sound like a lot, but sometimes just a little extra breathing room for the nerves is all it takes to see a significant reduction in pain. Also, decompression therapy reduces pressure within the disc. When this happens it allows a disc that is herniated or bulging to be gently drawn back in. This can also alleviate pressure on the nerves.

We have seen 85-90% or the cases we treat with decompression therapy achieve a 50% or greater relief of pain symptoms. It works great for degenerated, bulging and herniated discs; sciatica; post-surgical continued pain syndrome; some cases of spinal stenosis; and facet arthrosis. If you have one of these conditions and you are suffering, then consider looking into our spinal decompression program. It works very well.