Chiropractic first = less chance of surgery

Did you know the United States has more back surgeries than any other nation on the planet? The number one reason is not that we have more back problems than other nations. It is simply because we have more surgeons.

An interesting study recently published on patients with work-related back injuries showed 42% of patients who sought care from a medical specialist or surgeon ended up having surgery. Conversely, those who sought care for their back injury from a chiropractor ended up having surgery in only 1.5% of cases.

It makes a big difference who you see first for back pain. If you want to avoid surgery, as probably most people do, seek chiropractic as your first line of treatment. Studies also point out that only 3-4% of spinal pain cases ever truly require surgery. The bottom line is surgery is always the last resort and should not be turned to until the best of conservative treatment has been adequately tried.

Chiropractic care with Cox technique, non-surgical spinal axial decompression therapy, deep tissue robotic laser therapy, custom Foot Levelers orthotics, low back exercises, and anti-inflammatory supplements have all been shown to be helpful for most back conditions. Sometime for chronic back pain cases it takes a combination of all these approaches to produce a desirable result.

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