Newsletter: What is causing your neuropathy?

Did you know one of the most overlooked causes of neuropathy is cholesterol (statin) medications? Yes, you read that correctly. One of the common side effects of statin drugs is neuropathy in the feet and legs. Symptoms include pain, tingling and numbness and gradually present after taking these medications for long periods of time.

Other common causes of neuropathy include:

Chemotherapy: While chemo may be what was needed to treat the cancer, damaged nerves and neuropathy can be an unfortunate side effect.

Diabetes: The most common cause of neuropathy by far is diabetes. When glucose (sugar) is too high in the body over a long period of time it can lead to nerve damage and neuropathy.

Heavy Metal Toxicity: Some cases of neuropathy are a result of overexposure to lead, mecury, aluminum, arsenic or cadmium, to name a few. These heavy metals can cause damage to the delicate nerves of the body.

Nutritional Deficiencies: A B12, B6 or B1 deficiency may be to blame.

Idiopathic: This means there is no obvious identifiable cause found.

It takes a comprehensive and strategical treatment protocol to combat this complex condition and to bring healing to the injured nerves. We have all of the most modern treatment options to take on neuropathy at our clinic. MLS laser therapy, electroanalgesia, targeted nutritional supplementation, custom orthotics and chiropractic adjustments are all used to stimulate better nerve function.

With the right program, the right number of sessions, and time, great improvements can be made in most cases. Some other advanced neuropathy treatment clinics around the nation see 70-90% improvement. We use the same protocols and have seen similar results with several of our patients.

The bottom line is we have excellent, advanced neuropathy treatment options right here in Lamberton. We are the only clinic in this part of the state that offers a neuropathy program with the tools and equipment necessary to tackle this challenging problem. Check out to learn more about the program. This program can be a real game changer for so many people.

Kyle J. Pankonin, D.C.