Newsletter: Chiropractic first for foot pain

Did you know chiropractors are trained to treat many conditions outside of the spine? One of the most common non-spine areas we treat is the feet. Common foot conditions we treat include plantar fasciitis, interdigital neuroma, metatarsalgia, bunions, tarsal tunnel syndrome, dropped or fall arches, and arthritis of the foot.

Dr. Kyle is the only chiropractor in this part of the state who is board-certified in orthopedics and is also a board-certified chiropractic extremity practitioner. This is an additional 4 years of training above and beyond the average chiropractor in the field. This specialized training helps us to be able to accurately diagnose common foot problems and render conservative, non-drug, non-surgical treatment options.

When patients see a traditional podiatrist for foot pain, they will typically be presented the drug it, numb it or cut it approach. This means they will most likely give you a drug for pain, numb the symptoms with injections or do some type of surgery to correct the problem. These approaches are sometimes valuable and necessary, but we believe a better way is available for most common foot conditions.

At Red Rock Chiropractic Center we use a non-drug and non-surgical approach first. Our treatments consist of specific adjustments to the bones and joints of the feet to improve alignment and range of motion. We utilize Graston Technique for many foot conditions to loosen tight or restricted areas of soft tissue. We prescribe custom-made, individually-designed orthotics to provide proper arch support. We use powerful therapies like MLS laser therapy to decrease pain, reduce inflammation and stimulate healing. We teach exercises to strengthen and promote range of motion in the feet.

There are several good treatment options to conservatively address most foot pain conditions. If your feet hurt, give us a chance. We have the tools to safely, naturally and effectively treat any pain condition.

Kyle J. Pankonin, D.C.