Newsletter: {Back to School}


School is back in session soon! Make sure your kids are ready to take on the new school year:

  • Sports physicals are quick and easy at our clinic. We have the paperwork and the cost is just $30.
  • Help your kids fight off those school germs. We have multivitamins, probiotics and fish oil for kids of all ages!
  • Get adjusted! Kids of all ages are active. Help them be their best with a properly aligned spine. Dr. Kyle has special training in pediatric chiropractic care and can help with everything from colic, ear aches and bedwetting to sprains/strains and headaches.
  • Support your student athlete’s feet, ankles, knees and spine with Ultra Young Soles custom orthotics from Foot Levelers. They are designed to give kids a better foundation to support their growing active bodies.

Questions about pediatric chiropractic care? Give us a call at 507-752-7650! Have a great rest of the summer and an excellent new school year!