Newsletter: Lab testing for less at RRCC

Did you know we offer lab testing at very affordable rates? If you have a high insurance deductible and rarely meet it, this might interest you. If you like to have some basic lab work as part of your annual physical, check out this list of tests we offer. Our lab services are not billed to your insurance. We are part of a professional co-op which allows us to offer lab testing at an economical rate.

1. SBN Super Panel: This is for the patient who wants a thorough check of most major systems of the body. It tests thyroid, immune system, kidney and liver functions; blood sugar, inflammation, heavy metal toxicity and vitamin D levels; your cholesterol and more. The cost is $450. It’s a great test to do annually and we can guide you through a diet and nutritional supplement plan to improve your health.

2. Comprehensive Metabolic Panel: This is a common panel run at most annual physicals performed at a medical clinic. The cost is $70.

3. CBC/Differential & Platelets: This is another common panel run at most annual physical appointments. The cost is $60.

4. Lipid Panel: We can check your cholesterol levels; the cost is $65.

5. Arthritis Panel: This screens for different types of arthritis including gout, rheumatoid arthritis and others. The cost is $139.

6. Immunoglobulins (Quantitative IgA, IgE, IgG, IgM): Takes a closer look at your immune function. This is a great test to combine with the CBC panel as it also tests some immune markers. The cost is $92.

7. Amylase & Lipase: Checks your pancreas function; the cost is $80.

8. Lyme Disease Antibodies, Total & IgM, With Reflex to Western Blot if Positive: If you think you may have been bitten by a deer tick or may have Lyme’s disease, we can test for it. The cost is $156.

9. Renal Function Panel: Tests your kidney function; the cost is $65.

10. Glucose & Hemoglobin A1C: Tests your blood sugar levels; the cost is $71.

11. Vitamin D: This is one of the most common deficiencies but so important to prevent the flu and for overall immune function. The cost is $117.

12. Rheumatoid Arthritis Expanded Profile: This panel looks at how aggressive the arthritis is and how it may be responding to treatment. The cost is $129.

This is just a sampling of some common tests we can do at our facility. If you need a different specific test you don’t see on this list, just let us know. These are standardized tests through a reputable lab called Labcorp which is used by many hospitals and medical clinics. We have a nurse on call to administer the blood draws by appointment. Let us know if we can be of assistance in your healthcare journey. Dr. Kyle has extensive training in functional medicine and will help you interpret your testing results and give you practical guidance on what to do to improve your health.

Kyle J. Pankonin, D.C.