Newsletter: Focus on Headaches

headacheThis April, we’re focusing on headaches at RRCC. Headaches are the third most common reason for visiting a chiropractor in the U.S., behind low back and neck pain. The reason so many people seek chiropractic for headaches is that it is an incredibly effective treatment method for this condition.

Studies show most headache sufferers will see a reduction in intensity, frequency, duration and medication use associated with the headaches. Unlike medication, chiropractic actually treats the underlying cause of many headaches. Medication can give some welcome pain relief when a headache is present, but it does not actually do anything to fix the cause of the headache.

Often headaches are caused by a structural imbalance in the neck or jaw causing pressure or irritation on nerves. When these nerves are irritated it can cause referred pain into the head. Structural imbalances can be reduced or corrected and pressure or irritation of the nerves alleviated using gentle and specific chiropractic adjustments. Some studies suggest up to 50% of all headaches are caused or contributed to by neck issues, therefore chiropractic adjustments is a safe, effective first choice for treatment.

The United States is a pill-popping country. While we make up only a small percentage of the world’s population, we consume nearly 50% of all prescription drugs worldwide. Studies suggest we as a society are not getting healthier, but actually sicker. Certainly all these drugs are not the answer; if they were we would be the healthiest nation on the plant, which we are not. I urge all my patients to focus on finding and treating the cause of their headaches and other pain conditions, and to not just pop pills.

Did you know the cause of many headaches is the foods we eat? Studies suggest headache sufferers have more food sensitivities than people who don’t get headaches. Doing a simple blood test called the Food Safe 95 can help people pinpoint to which foods their bodies are sensitive. Cleaning up your diet can have a profound impact on reducing headaches. Again, this approach focuses on finding the root cause of your headaches, not just masking the symptoms. Good chiropractic care and simple food sensitivity testing can help find the cause in a majority of headache cases.

Take action! Call our office at 507-752-7650 to set up an appointment today. What do you have to lose? More importantly… what do you stand to gain? Treat the cause, gain health.

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