Flat Feet Can Cause Low Back Pain

Did you know fallen arches or flat feet are associated with the development of low back pain? A recent study showed people with flat feet are 3.25 times more likely to have acute low back pain and 4.5 times more likely to have chronic low back pain compared to people who do not have flat feet.

This tells us that the feet are a potential root cause for the problem. It is also a root cause that is overlooked by the majority of doctors who see people for low back pain.

In one recent study 101 patients with chronic low back pain with flat feet were treated with custom-made orthotics. The study showed a significant decrease in chronic low back pain. This was the only intervention in the study.

Most patients with chronic low back pain need a comprehensive protocol that includes things like spinal decompression, deep tissue robotic laser therapy, exercises and targeted supplementation. Custom orthotics are a definite piece of a good program and when combined with other interventions can make a huge improvement for people living with chronic low back pain.

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