Cortisone shots accelerate arthritis; there is a better way

Did you know cortisone injections to the knee have a significant downside?

When a doctor prescribes a cortisone shot to the knee to relieve pain, they tend to leave out the downside. While it is true an injection like this can alleviate pain for a while, what you are not usually told is the shot will accelerate destruction of the cartilage and bone in the and around the knee.

You read that right. Cortisone shots actually worsen arthritis and weaken bones. So, while you may gain some temporary pain relief you are actually in the long run worsening the joint and hastening the day when a knee replacement will become a necessity.

Here is a better alternative to relieve knee pain

Treat the pain with our advanced Knee On Trac and deep tissue robotic laser therapies. This one-two punch reduces pain, reduces inflammation, improves range of motion and stimulates healing. This will slow the arthritis process and, in many cases, can provide long-term pain relief. This is just the opposite of the injection approach.

We consistently see this approach help more than 80% of our patients achieve at least 50% or greater pain relief. The best part is there are no unwanted side effects.

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