$50 off orthotic reorders, $25 off new orders in August 2020

  • $25 off all new orthotics, flip flop an sandal orders (Sale price = $250 or $150) (Includes premium orthotics, SPS and Ultra Young Soles)
  • $50 off reorders of orthotics, flip flops and sandals *Last order must have been placed within the past 24 months. (Sale price = $225 or $125)
  • 100 off combos: any 2-pair combo of premium orthotics, sandals or flip flops (Sale price = $450) *Excludes SPS or Ultra Young Soles
  • 15% off all orders for Veterans (may be combined with other offers; maximum $50 total off per order)

Foot Levelers is the only company in the world whose orthotics support all three arches of the foot. They promote foot, knee, hip and spinal health! Stop in today for your FREE 3D Body View foot scan to see if you could benefit from Foot Levelers custom orthotics!