Health Restore Program

AT RED ROCK CHIROPRACTIC CENTER one of our passions is helping people through functional medicine. We have extensive training in this field and work in conjunction with other like-minded functional medicine doctors throughout the country to offer a program that addresses some of the most common conditions many people struggle with:

  • Fatigue
  • Digestive issues
  • Hormone problems
  • Difficulty losing weight
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

We have narrowed our functional medicine focus to these core issues so we can best serve what most people seek our help for. This program is being used by hundreds of other doctors across the country with life-changing results for those who struggle with these conditions.


First, we gather a bit of information about you with a concise questionnaire. Rest assured this will not be a laborious task to fill out. If it looks like you might be a good candidate we will then have you watch a short video that explains  the most common root cause of the above health conditions. This video will also explain the simple test we run to identify that root cause. If the approach in the video resonates with you, a test kit will be sent home. The cost of the test is $299. It is not covered by insurance and will not be sent in to insurance.


The test results come back in about two weeks. We will have an appointment set up to review the results with you. We will show you a second short video that will help you understand the results before we formally review them with you. If the test shows the root cause of your problems we will present a plan to specifically address it and show in detail how this plan can help you. We will present the cost of the program to you, which will vary based on what treatments are recommended based on your test results. This program is not covered by insurance and will not be sent in to insurance.


If you decide to take this sound approach to your health, one of our staff members will guide you through the process and you will be given the tools you need to succeed. This is a program that finds and treats the root cause. It includes supplements, nutrition, exercise, stress resiliency techniques and much more.