Do you suffer from diabetes? You’re not alone.

Dr. Kyle will discuss the topic of Diabetes Monday, April 7, at 7 p.m. at the Lamberton Community Center.

There is no cost to attend and refreshments will be served.

Those who attend will learn the current trends of diabetes and statistics on how many people are affected. Ever wonder what the secret is to avoiding complications associated with this all too common disease? Dr. Kyle will discuss factors that cause or contribute to the onset of diabetes and what you can do to try to avoid complications.

Dr. Kyle will share what nutrients and dietary factors are needed in the body to improve and prevent diabetic issues. He will also share several case studies of people who have been able to better manage diabetes with a specific nutrition program.

At Dr. Kyle’s presentation, you will learn a common sense nutrition strategy to improve your health and avoid or manage this disease. He will show you an approach that works on getting you healthy again and how to correctly identify what nutritional supplements you should be taking to attain optimum health.

If you or someone you know deals with the daily challenges of managing diabetes, this lecture will offer great insight and useful information. The talk should last about an hour and all are welcome to attend.