You Don’t Have to Live With Pain. We Can Help.

Dr. Kyle Pankonin has treated a lot of patients over the years who’ve said, “I guess I just have to live with this,” or who’ve been told by other doctors there’s nothing that can be done to help their situation; “they just have to live with it.” Our experience is that sometimes this is true, but many times it simply is not.

We recently treated a patient who had been suffering from chronic shoulder pain. She’d had pain for two years and it was so bad it forced her completely out of work. She went through surgery, extensive physical therapy and cortisone injections. She was seen by a local orthopedist and sent to Rochester to see some of their best orthopedists. Despite the best care they could offer, she still suffered from chronic pain. She couldn’t raise her arm up very far, and just leaving it at her side was painful. Things as simple as shampooing her hair brought her to tears.

She initially visited our office for something unrelated – neck pain and headaches – and in passing mentioned her shoulder issues. Dr. Kyle gathered all her information from her previous shoulder treatments, and set aside a separate appointment to evaluate her shoulder. We couldn’t promise drastic change, but knew there were some different things we could do to help. We performed some innovative treatments including Laser Therapy, which reduces pain and inflammation, and Graston Technique, which works out chronic tight muscles and adhesions. We also taught her some Thera-Band exercises and did some gentle shoulder manipulations.

The result: In about six to eight weeks she was 80 to 90 percent relieved of all her pain and has near full use of her shoulder. Had she given up, said, “I just have to live with this; this is the way it’s going to be,” she would have never experienced this drastic change in symptoms. The message: Just because someone has said you’ll just have to live with pain or that they can’t do anything to treat it, doesn’t mean that you’ve tried everything. There are many good options out there, including chiropractic, nutrition and massage therapy. You don’t have to live with pain. We can help.